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Polieco Group è presente alla Fiera H2O

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Nuovo listino telai in acciaio Kio Trench
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AENOR España

AENOR - Asociaciòn Española de Normalizaciòn y Certificaciòn
AENOR product certificate n° 030/001840

The Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) certifies that the product

Conduit systems buried underground for cable management detailed in the following page(s) supplied by
PI Bobalar, S/N - 46590 Estivella (Valencia - España)

and manufactured in
PI Bobalar S/N - 46590 Estivella (Valencia - España)

complies with

UNE-EN 50086-1 CORR:2001 (EN 50086-1:1993 CORR:2001)
UNE-EN 50086-1:1995 (EN 50086-1:1993)
UNE-EN 50086-2-4 CORR:2001 (EN 50086-2-4:1994 CORR:2001)
UNE-EN 50086-2-4:2001 (EN 50086-2-4:1994/A1:2001)
UNE-EN 50086-2-4:1995 (EN 50086-2-4:1994)

In order to grant this Certificate, AENOR has tested the product and has verified the quality system used in its manufacture. AENOR performs these tasks periodically while the Certificate has not been cancelled, in accordance with the stipulations of the Specific Rules RP 30.12.

First issued on: 2003-12-16
Modified on: 2009-01-16
Expires on: 2013-01-16

This certificate supersedes certificate 030/001840, dated 2004-01-27.
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