08/06/2018 - TECMA 2018 in Madrid from 13th to 15th of June 2018

TECMA 2018 in Madrid from 13th to 15th of June 2018

27/03/2018 - It is now available our KIO composite

It is now available our KIO composite

20/03/2018 - Polieco Group will be present at IFAT 2018

Polieco Group will be present at IFAT 2018
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Polieco France S.A.

The company Polieco France has been created in 1999 from the Italian Group Polieco.
Polieco France occupies an area of 26.600m2 , whose 3.000m2 covered; Polieco France is a leading company in the French market for the structured corrugated twin-wall pipes for sewage nets with products Ecopal and Ecobox.

Since its creation Polieco France has had a production line with a capacity of 5.000 tons a year, in 2003 another line with more capacity has been added assuring the production in Feillens of 12.000 tons.
In 2008 a new investment has been undertaken in order to meet the market growth.

The site of Feillens is in a favorable position connected to the main part of the European motorway net, which is an essential skill to assure a good logistic service for products with big volume. In 2007 the warehouse has been extended arriving to a more than 65.000 m2 of available area. In the meantime Polieco France is starting also to create new offices.

From January 2004 belongs to the group also a new production unit of corrugated cable conduit placed in Bellegarde sur Valserine. This factory, previously known as Novoplast, has been merged by Polieco France starting from 1 January 2008. The covered areas, both for storage and production, are 4.650 m2 for a total area of 63.000m2.

The factory in Bellegarde is specialized in production of cable conduits for electrical use ( middle and low tension) and pipe for water and gas. There are seven lines for the production from diameter 40mm till 200mm, in coils of 25m and 50m or in bars of 6m length.

Furthermore in Bellgarde there are 5 lines for the production of small cable conduit ITCA, corrugated single-wall pipe for electrical cable. These products are available from diameter 16mm till 40mm, in coils starting from 100 meters till 500 meters.

Polieco France processes in these two production sites 25.000 tons of PE and PP into corrugated pipes, covering with this kind of products the main part of the applications related to the building industry and public works. Moreover Polieco France supplies on these markets also special fittings produced by the head company in Italy.