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Ecopal SN 16 pipe

Polypropylene pipe with a high module of elasticity

In addition to the existing range (SN 4 - SN 8), the new pipe Ecopal SN 16 is now available.

This new product is made of polypropylene with a high module of elasticity, has a class resistance SN 16 and a slightly increased weight compared to the polyethylene class SN 8.

The pipe is available in the diameters DN/ID 250 to DN/OD 1200 mm and can be connected by means of a polyethylene coupler and EPDM seals.

Specifications for the contract
Co-extruded structured polypropylene twin-layer pipe with high module of elasticity, plain and violet internally, corrugated and black externally, for underground and no pressure sewer pipes, manufactured according to the EN 13476 standard, type B, stiffness class SN 16 kN/m2, available in bars of 6 (or 12) m, provided with jointing coupler in PEAD certified by the mark P IIP and EPDM lip seal.
The pipe must be manufactured by a company with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certification (environmental certification).
  1. Nominal outer diameter ND ...Minimum inner diameter ID …(> than to the minimum established by the reference rule).
  2. Ring stiffness class SN measured on samples according to EN ISO 9969 standard.
  3. Abrasion resistance certified according to EN 295-3.
  4. Tightness of the jointing system certified at 0.5 bar under pressure and 0.3 bar under negative pressure for 15 minutes according to EN 1277 rule.
  5. Marking according to the standard, including: trade-mark name, UNI/IIP mark (only for DN/ID) and standard reference, P IIP mark (only for DN/ID) and standard reference, nominal diameter (DN/ID or DN/OD), stiffness class, material, prophile type, application area code, day/month/year, hour/minute of production.

 Technical characteristics

Download .pdf file "Technical characteristics" Ecopal SN 16 pipe
inside diameter
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Download .pdf file "Technical characteristics" Ecopal SN 16 pipe
outside diameter
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