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Ecopal pipes "No-Loss" system

The "no-loss" sealing ring guarantees the tightness of the system in all cases in which - for different kind of reasons - the normal EPDM sealing ring does not work property.
The "no-loss" sealing ring has the capadty to expand his volume more than three times just by having contact with water; thanks to this feature, his reaction fills totally the space between the external pipe wall and the internal coupling wall.
The "no-loss" sealing ring is to be used in addition to the normal EPDM sealing ring and has to be positioned in the space between the second and the third corrugation.

"NO-LOSS" sealing ring purposes
Leakages of connections cause for sure environmental problems. The "no-loss" sealing ring builds an  insurmountable barrier, which avoids any kind of "out to in" or "in to out" transmission. By this way, following events are totally impossible:

- leakages of black water going to outside
- infiltrations from a water table inside the conduit

Assembling and installation
The "no-loss" sealing ring is assembled in the right position directly in our factory; it has also to be properly protected to avoid - just during the transport of the pipes - an accidental contact with water and consequent reaction & swelling of the sealing ring. On the building site, operators have to remove the protection put on the "no-loss" sealing ring, install the normal EPDM sealing ring in the space between the last two corrugations and proceed to install the coupling.

Available range
The system is available for our external diameters range from OD.250 to OD.800 and for our internal diameters range from ID.300 till to ID.800. The system can be applied also to the SN 16 corrugated pipes in high modulus polypropylene.

System realized by a high density polyethylene or high modulus polypropylene pipe for buried no-pressure sewage ducts, produced according to the norm EN 13476-1 with connection through an HDPE coupling marked PIIP/a, EPDM lip seal and a “no-loss” sealing ring, which expand itself in contact with water, to be positioned in the space between the second and the third pipe corrugation.

Technical characteristics

Download .pdf file "Technical characteristics"
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