08/06/2018 - TECMA 2018 in Madrid from 13th to 15th of June 2018

TECMA 2018 in Madrid from 13th to 15th of June 2018

27/03/2018 - It is now available our KIO composite

It is now available our KIO composite

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Polieco Group will be present at IFAT 2018
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Ecopal Double Pipes System

Overall for the regions where grounds, sources & the environment has to be especially protected from eventual leakage of the sewage systems, Ecopal “double pipe system” represents a perfect solution to have a net with a double guaranteed tightness.

The “double pipe system” is made by two Ecopal pipes, of two different diameters – one inside the other – and separated from polyethylene battens (HDPE).
The centring of the internal pipe is assured by three battens welded on the external surface of a pipe (at 120° interval), which can remain perfectly in a central position into the external one. This solution avoids flexion of the bar, which can be easily connected to the next one during laying.
Our “double Ecopal pipe system” is realized using corrugated Ecopal pipes in bars of 6 meters and a ringstiffness of SN8 kN/m2 .
Connection between bars is allowed by normal couplings or by special couplings welded on the extremity of each pipe; the second solution has to be prepared in our workshop. A further guarantee for a perfect tightness is also assured by using two lip-seal on each extremity of each pipe.

Laying procedure
The laying procedure of our “double Ecopal pipe system” is similar to the one, which has to be followed by laying a simple Ecopal pipe of dimension equal to the external pipe of this system.

Supplying and laying of a double canalization realized by an external pipe plus an internal pipe in high density polyethylene, co-extruded, double wall, smooth & violet internally, corrugated & black externally, for buried no pressure sewage duct, manufactured according to standard EN 13476-1 type B, certified by mark P/IIPa , certified by mark UNI/IIP garanted from the Italian Institute for plastics (ISTITUTO ITALIANO DEI PLASTICI ), with ringstiffness class at SN 8 kN/m2, in bars of 6 (or 12) meters, jointed by HDPE clutching coupling marked P/IIPa and two EPDM lip-seal on each pipe extremity. The pipe must be manufactured by a company certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental certification)

The external pipe has to have an internal diameter equal to ………mm and an external diameter equal to …… mm; the internal pipe has to have an external diameter equal to …. mm and an internal diameter equal to …. mm. The internal pipe has to be fitted with three longitudinal battens in HDPE with a thickness of 20mm, welded on the external surface at 120° each piece from the next one, able to maintain a constant distance from the internal wall of the external pipe.
The corrugated polyethylene pipes will have following features:

- Ringstiffness class (SN) measured on product sample according to EN ISO 9969;
- Resistance to abrasion verified according to EN 295-3;
- Hydraulic tightness of the jointing system is certified at 0,5 bar in pressure and 0,3 bar in depression for 15 minutes according to EN 13476-1;
- Ringstiffness charged with a constant load for 24 hours, measured according to DIN 16961 part 2;
- Mechanical features of the raw material, verified according to DIN 19537 part 2;
- Writing on product according to standard containing: commercial name, IIP UNI mark + reference norm, P/IIPa mark + reference norm, nominal diameter, ringstiffness class, material, profile type, area application code, production data (date+time);
- Others marks required
   French mark CSTBat
   German mark U
   Spanish mark AENOR.