21/11/2017 - Polieco Group is present at the "Salon des maires"

Polieco Group is present at the "Salon des maires"
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Jointing with coupling

The sealing ring is placed in the groove of the first pipe corrugation (for the pipes from Ø 250 mm to Ø 1200 mm) or in the second pipe corrugation (for the pipes from Ø 125 mm to Ø 250 mm).
The coupler must be installed on the pipes with a constant and equally distributed thrust until the internal seat is reached.

The insertion of the seal between two corrugations is made by hand; in case of big diameters this operation can be made by using a simple lever system.

To ease pipe insertion, first lubricate the internal part of the coupling. With the lubrication of the seal, sand and ground may enter inside of the coupling causing tightness problems.

We suggest using mechanical means and interposing a board to distribute the stress uniformly.


The choice of the back-filling material is very important.
The material granulometry must be such to be easily inserted into the corrugation.
The photograph shows the material chosen for groundwater excavation.
This type of granulometry also guarantees a good drainage.