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Drainage pipes laying

For a correct and effective laying of a slotted piping it is necessary to act according to following indications:
  • cover the trench walls with a layer of disposable fabric;
  • realize a trench-bed with selected material (fine gravel with granulometry 3-5 mm) for a bed thickness of 10 cm, to avoid the direct resting of the corrugations on the deepest level of the digged trench;
  • fill the trench around the pipe walls till 40 cm over the top of the pipe, with selected material (fine gravel with granulometry 3-5 mm); then close the two strips of disposable fabric over this covering level;
  • ultimate the backfilling of trench using the same ground digged at the beginning.

It is important to effect a good compaction with special machines and to do not pass during the laying works over the trench area with excavator machines or any other heavy machines or vehicles.