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"Polidren" twin-layer drainage pipe

POLIDREN is a slotted polyethylene pipe, with a corrugated external wall and a smooth internal wall. It is available in coils for the diameters range between OD.63 and OD.200.

It has a resistance to compression higher than 300N, with a deformation of the external diameter equal to 5%.

Slots are disposed on the whole circumference, every 120° for diameters OD.110, OD.125, OD.140 and OD.160 and every 60° for diameters OD.90 and OD.200.
All slots have a width of 2mm, in order to avoid that some big elements can enter into the pipe – which could cause obstructions and a sensible decreasing of the draining function.

Some examples of drainage pipe installation 


Technical characteristics

Download .pdf file "Technical characteristics" (491 Kb)