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Resistance to impact down to -25°C
Resistance to temperature changes from -10°C to +40°C without compromise the original characteristics.
Electrical insulating resistance higher than 100 Mohm.
Dielectric strength higher than 800 kV/cm
Resistance to chemical agents.

Thanks to its flexibility the pipe can be installed in any ground and slope. The flexibility helps to avoid all kind of obstacles with no need for bends.

Elasticity helps to absorb all stresses caused by the ground settlements. It can be installed in any ground, in underground shafts, as well as in moist, wet and aggressive environments.

Its lightness makes storing, transport and installation very easy.

Connection between two pipe lengths is made through an easy-to-use jointing coupler for which no adhesive is required. For a quick connection between pipe and coupler we suggest using a lubricant and/or slipping product onto the coupler inside surface with insertion of elastomeric seals.

Cables available in different colours for easier identification. Multiple die saddles for the construction of multi-pipe systems.

It is supplied in 50 m coils (25 meters for DN 200 mm), or in 6 m bars, all provided with 1 coupler.