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LCIE N° 569799B

Delivered to:
Polieco France SA
42 Rue de l'Industrie - 01200 Bellegarde

Polieco France SA
42 Rue de l'Industrie - 01200 Bellegarde

Conduit system burried underground - Pliable conduit

Trade mark (if any):

Model, type, reference:
TPC N 450 C
Diam. mm: 40-50-63-75-90-110-125-140-160-200

Rating and principal characteristics:
see overleaf

Additional informations:
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The product is in conformity with:
EN 63186-1:2008, EN 63186-24:2010

Relevant documents:
NTR 30167 / IMQ / TR 02AM00011, rapport d'essai / Test report LCIE n° 114477-627819

Cancel and replaces (if necessary):
Licence n° 627977 du 2012-08-10

This licence permits the use of the Mark NF for the product in compliance with the Regulation of the NF Mark, as far as the regular checking and third party verifications of the production are satisfactory.
By mandate from AFAQ/AFNOR Certification and for LCIE, Rémi HANOT, Certification Officer

Fontenay-aux-Roses, 2014-10-03
Limit expired date: The present licence is valid until the cancellation of one of the standards on which it is based.
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